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What you learn here won’t be found anywhere else. If you’re ready to look at people in a whole new way, you’ve come to the right place.

If you are judgmental, superior, or afraid of failure, we are not your people, and this is not your space. {Bye Felicia}

But, if you wake up every day excited, eager to to connect best with the people who matter most; if you’re ready to find new and exhilarating ways to live, love, work and play- You’ve found your people.

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About Seanlai

The Public Me: I’m a behaviorist, global connection expert and the decoder of Proclivities: Science of Connection. I believe business relationships have the same elements as personal relationships and require just as much attention.  That’s why I teach you how to connect best with the people who matter most. With me, you’ll learn the profitable action steps to quickly build trust, create influence and increase wealth. I’ve spent nearly a decade studying people, human behavior and ultimately translated the human connection instinct into a formula you can use.

The Real Me: I believe connection is why we are here and we (myself included) forget that. I believe your play-time should also be your work-time and that they aren’t mutually exclusive. I believe in LYF (Loving You First). I stand on the platform of LYF because I am so bad at it. I believe in squeezing joy out of every moment;  AND I think you shouldn’t take advice from anyone who doesn’t have to live with the consequences….

If you live your LYF based on what other people will think or say you make really boring decisions.

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Communication is a learned behavior.  Connection is an instinct. 


How to make money in direct sales without feeling pushy or sounding salesy.


How to have the relationships you’ve always wanted no matter how long you’ve been together!


How to confidently connect with your target market