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I teach business owners, entrepreneurs, and organizations the exact action steps to connect with anyone, create leverage, build your network and increase your networth. 

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Helping you connect best with the people that matter most, Proclivities will change your life forever.

When you were little no one had to teach you how to play or how to get  attention, you came into this world instinctually knowing.  And like many things that got “domesticated” out of us, you learned how to communicate and forgot how to connect.

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How Much Is Turnover Costing You?

Did you know that the average voluntary turnover rate in the U.S. is 9% across all industries? Assuming an average salary of $40,000, that calculates to $63,612,000,000 per year in lost profits! So… how much is turnover costing you? Find out with the Retention Calculator! (Fair warning: NOT for the faint of heart!)

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Top 7 Mistakes Companies Make with Their Employees

7 Ways Employee Turnover is KILLING American Business

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  • Why your talented employees are surfing Monster.com
  • How much it TRULY costs to replace employees
  • Tips that can prevent you from losing your talent pool.

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“Seanlai rocked us to the core! We left the event energized, and evaluating our beliefs and behaviors of today with strategies for tomorrow.”

Shelly Henry, CRO, Neurolumen

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