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To Make Money Make Friends


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You Have to Make A Connection

          You Are Here:  

  Because you are a recovering perfectionist.     Because you always knew you were different.

        Because you're 'too much' for most people.     Because you want to be with people who get you.

                 Because judgement doesn't live here (so check yours at the door).

What you learn here won't be found anywhere else.  If you're ready to look at people in a whole new way, you've come to the right place.  

If you are judgemental, superior, or afraid of failure, we are not your people, and this is not your space. {Bye Felicia}

But, if you wake up every day excited, eager to to connect best with the people who matter most; if you're ready to find new and exhilarating ways to live, love, work and play- You've found your people.

Welcome Home.

Hi, I'm Seanlai,

The Public Me: I’m a behaviorist, global connection expert and the decoder of Proclivities: Science of Connection.

I teach businesses, educators, and entrepreneurs the profitable action steps to quickly build trust, create influence and increase their wealth.

I’ve spent nearly a decade studying people, behavior and ultimately translated human connection into a formula everyone can use.

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If you live your LYF based on what other people will think or say you will make really boring decisions.

The Real Me: I believe connection is why we are here and we (myself included) forget that.

I believe your play should be your work and that they aren't mutually exclusive.

I believe in LYF (Loving You First).

I stand on the platform of LYF because I can be so bad at it. I believe in squeezing joy out of every moment;

AND I think you shouldn't take advice from anyone who doesn't have to live with the consequences....



The information I gained in this course helped me to easily identify my clients' proclivities, and provided me with the knowledge of their "language'. I may not be a woman of many words, but my words are now quality, connecting to the core of not only my clients, but my family and friends as well.

I am able to understand my 'Player" husband and am able to connect with him even when he is in Actclivity. This course not only gives you tolerance, but brings you more patience in understanding why people behave how they do, and the powerful tool to REACH them in the moments they once seemed unreachable.

The greatest blessing of this course though has been in connecting with my 5 children. I have used the things I learned from Fight Less Love More to really reach them. Not only that, I also learned their "currency", and have been able to effectively and lovingly discipline them based on their Proclivity.

Your work will change the world. People need to know you have a life changing tool, and you are kind enough to share it. There is no price for that type of knowledge.

Lee Winfield, Edmond OK

When I invited you to speak and train, I was anticipating a good speaker who would deliver relevant material. What I did not expect was your ability to engage with the attendees and get them to actively participate. It was truly the best I have ever seen.

Hiring a speaker who can relate on all levels is always a challenge and having 16 different companies together adds to that. This group was the most excited, engrossed, happy training class we have ever had! The retention strategies and Proclivities: Science of Connection tools were clearly heard by the attendees. I personally had my staff at The Aydan Group take the assessment so I can retain my talented employees and work better with them.

Your presentation was both entertaining and interesting. The culture here is very reserved; and I admit, I was worried about whether you would be able to get them to interact with you. We were so impressed with your ability to get the attendees to talk and collaborate so freely!

Adan Hodzic, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Seanlai, you have something new and exciting that we had never heard before. In today’s world, it’s hard to find unique, impressive messages that are also fun, easy to understand, and memorable. Your down to earth style captured and kept the audience’s attention and I know many of the attendees were excited to go back to work and put in practice what they learned. Your message was impressive and you have a compelling way of crafting it.

Katie Corum, West Palm Beach, FL

What I have learned from you has helped me understand and connect with my business partner (who is also my husband) more than I ever thought possible and that’s saying something because we’ve been together 22 years!”

Tanna Telligman, Dallas TX

 Seanlai Cochrane is not only unique in her approach she is logical and makes you see things like NO other.”

Patrice Bisiot, Manhattan, NY

“I was not connecting with people. For the past few years, I had been working to increase my people and skills. When I heard about Seanlai’s Proclivities course, I immediately signed up. I am so glad I did.

The course was definitely a level 10.

I have used the principles I learned with my partner, clients, business colleagues and employees and they definitely work.  

All of my relationships are better.

I wish I would’ve known this 20 years ago.”  

Denni Jordan, Miami, FL

I’ve had personal training for work in DISC, I've studied Meyers Briggs and the color personality book (which I thought was kind of trite). I've also trainied as a teacher and studiied Howard Gardner's Theories of Intelligence. I must say the training Seanlai is offering so far has been an eye opener.

It’s seriously been an eye opening experience for me. It’s like I found my people, the story of my people. Everything applied to me, everything. Thank you ofr this incredible training. It's amazing to know I'm not alone.

Desirea Herrera, Tehachapi, CA

Your new proclivities for network marketing course, OMG! I’m LOVING IT! I have been raving about it to my husband! I want him to watch the videos on Proclivities when he gets home. I'm like honey this is why I do what I do. lol. This is such an eye opener for me. Thank you again for this amazing course!!

Kaleen Bell, Alberta, Canada

When would NOW be a good time live LYF on your terms?

*LYF: Love You First

Phone: 754.223.9163

You are part of a growing tribe who knows to really do LYF you've gotta go all in, and we're glad you are here.
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