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How To Save Your Business From Closing

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Major Retailers are closing stores like crazy.  When big brands like Sears, JC Penney, and Sports Authority start closing stores, retailers get very nervous. If you’re a retailer, you might be getting nervous and wondering how you can save your business from closing. A recent article on said you can blame Amazon for the retail slump. That might be true, but if you’ve been paying attention, Amazon has recently opened a few brick and mortar stores. 

You might be wondering what CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, has up his sleeve, but if you ask a better question, you’ll get a better answer. pokemon go

Why You Want Employees Playing Pokémon Go

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Sitting outside a strip mall at Starbucks, I overhear two people who work at the store next door complaining about the Pokémon Go frenzy. The owner of the shop talked about being at an outdoor concert watching “stupid grown men” trying to catch one. As I threw my trash away, I shook my head. Some people just don’t get it.

5 Insights Into The Way Successful People Think And You Can Too

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What’s wrong with it? I asked the air conditioning repairman as he took apart my air conditioner.   He said, “One of two things, either you ran it without a filter, or you ran it too cold too long.” Now, I’m no expert, but I was pretty sure that I wasn’t getting the full story. A minute later, my husband Jason came outside and I repeated what the tech had told me. Seeing Jason, the repairman back peddled and said that wasn’t what he said. Incredulous, I realized that since I wasn’t born a man, this guy wouldn’t believe that I ran a construction company that once replaced 200 air conditioning A-coils on an air force base.

It has been so long since someone has treated me like a “dumb girl” I didn’t know how to react. In another time and place, I might have taken it personally; today I realize that his behavior was just a symptom of his thinking.

As an entrepreneur I’ve learned that inventers, thought leaders, and entrepreneurs face ridicule and criticism because most people subscribe to ‘the way it’s always been done mentality’. Successful people know that in today’s fast paced world, what got you here won’t keep you here and thinking differently is the only way you can be successful.

Here’s 5 ways successful people think and how you can think differently for your success:

How to Boost Profits without Boosting Expenses

Building retention into your strategic plan is a great way to boost your profit margins without increasing your expenses. Partnering with your employees can generate profits long after you’ve hired them. You can pay someone enough to work for you, but can you get them to want to work for you? With the right strategies, yes, you can.

Regardless of your industry, from advertising to construction, you can partner with your team by building relationships that will create a culture of engaged employees, boost productivity and increase your profit margins.

Here are 5 tips to help you boost your balance sheet:

How To Apologize To Your Customer When You’ve Really Screwed Up

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It takes 18 months to create a relationship and 5 minutes to ruin it. Make it an online relationship and those numbers can be cut to 1/3.     As former CEO of a construction firm, I always told our clients, “I can’t promise you there won’t be mistakes, I can’t guarantee people won’t screw up, and I definitely won’t tell you that no one is going to do something that we will later ask “who thought that was a good idea?” What I can promise you is that when that happens, we will take care of it.” I learned early on in my career, that Retention is not just about employees; it’s about customers too.

I’ve learned people don’t care if you make a mistake; they care how you handle it afterwards. I got an email on Sunday night from APPSUMO with the distasteful joke and about one of America’s most beloved actors Michael J. Fox and his battle with Parkinson’s disease. Needless to say “Sumo-Lings” were not amused and APPSUMO had some choices to make. They could pretend it never happened, blame and fire an overzealous intern, or step up to the plate and admit wrongdoing.

How to Make Your Next Ad Campaign Stand Out (Part 2)

We all want our work to be remembered and leave a legacy. I mean who can forget the Budwiser commercial “Wassup” You don’t even have to seen the commercial to recognize that one-word saying!

As I have discussed before, Proclivities is the Science of Connection, and it can be used in retention, customer service, sales and as discussed in this two-part article, marketing. If you haven’t read part one go here now.   Knowing your audience is more than knowing their demographic, you must know what type of Proclivity would be most likely to purchase your product.

How to Make Your Next Ad Campaign Stand Out (Part 1)

Fist-bump me if you’ve ever been in a sales and marketing meeting competing for an account that went to the other guy?

You spent time, money and energy putting together a killer campaign only to have the client pick someone else and then to add insult to injury their campaign fails, or worse it succeeds and becomes as iconic as Wendy’s 1980s campaign “Where’s the Beef?”

Well I’ve got great news for you! I’m going to share a secret that will help you win the next time you’re competing for that marketing account. I’m going to discuss two ad campaigns that directly relate to the Player and Lighter Proclivity audience and tomorrow, I’ll share two for the Artist and Y’er audience.

5 Tips To Make You More Productive Every Day

Remember the first time you saw a horror movie and one of the would-be victims walked right into the arms of the villain? Did you shout at the screen “Don’t do it! Don’t open the door?” And then of course, the victim opened the door and well you know the rest of the story… It seemed like the victims were sabotaging themselves, instead of finding a solution they just gave up. The very same thing happens at work when your productivity drops; instead of finding the reason for it and fixing it you just roll over.


Well, I want to share with you your very own superpower so you don’t have to fall victim to self-sabotage.


If you’ve been with me for any time now, you know that Proclivities: Science of Connection changes the game in voluntary turnover. But have you ever thought about what it could do for your own productivity? Connection is an instinct and communication is a learned behavior how you connect in your work environment directly correlates to how productive you are.  


5 Must-Do Tips to Connect With Your Clients

by seanlai

If I were to buy a Powerball ticket my chances of winning are like a million to one, but if I were to bet that you as a reader wished you made more money my chances would be eight to one.

I can’t promise you that after reading this you’ll make more money, but I can promise you that if you use some of the techniques I share with you, you’ll connect better with people, build stronger relationships and remember, your network is your net worth.

If you’ve been with me for a while, you already know Proclivities: Science of Connection completely changes the game in voluntary turnover. But have you ever thought about what it could do for your sales?

Here’s 5 easy tips you can use today to connect better with your prospects and clients.