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The Complete Step-By-Step Guide For Using Proclivities: Science Of Connection To Quickly and Easily Sell Your Product, Fill Your Appointment Calendar With Ideal Clients, & Organically Grow Your Network Marketing Business.

I’ve Spent Nearly 10 Years Decoding Proclivities: Science Of Connection; Testing, Simplifying & Optimizing A Step-By-Step, Easy-To-Use System For Consistent Results. 

The result is 6 CORE MODULES, 20+ Lessons, and a treasure chest of checklists, cheatsheets & plug ‘n’ play templates that hold your hand every step of the way. 


is the first (and only) program of it's kind that...

Was created with YOU in mind....

No unnecessary modules, no fluffy bunny fillers and no super sexy strategies that do nothing for you.  This course is packed with actionable, salient information for you to take your business to the next level. 

Teaches you HOW to connect....

80/20 Rule... Most people don't know how to connect and connection is where YOUR MONEY is.   One step at a time, easy to follow system and you will immediately be in the 20%.

Focuses on what really matters...

Since Proclivities for Network Marketers is about making money, you WILL be jumping in the fray.  I make it super simple, I take nothing for granted and am with you every step of the way.  

Proclivities for Network Marketers is an Implementation Training Program. 


  • YES! You will never have to wonder again if someone likes you and whether you said (or did) the right thing.

  • You’ll learn the exact reasons and strategies behind everything you do.

  • But more importantly, you’ll have a step-by-step, process that leaves nothing to chance.

Priceless Result:

Proclivities for Network Marketers provides you with a profitable long term asset that you can build wealth with forever.  

With Proclivities for Network Marketers,

You Will Never Look at Anyone The Same Ever Again...Promise.

Here's What's Inside 

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Build A Strong Foundation

Proclivities 101 who, what, when, how & why you do what you do.

“Duplication Misinformation” How to identify what real duplication is, what it isn’t and how you can create duplication immediately.

Identify Your Proclivity and Actclivity to guarantee your best opportunities to cash in on your new skills.

The biggest mistake people make in Network Marketing and how you don’t have to ever worry about it again.

What you MUST consider before reaching out to your team members (and how this one decision can have a dramatic effect on your team growth).

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Flip The 

The 3 Points of Paralyzation: How you are unknowingly freezing your own growth and how to identify it so you can stop.

The 3 Points of Mobilization: How to choose the perfect process to get back on track without torturing yourself in the process.

Streamlined strategy clarify for you how fast and big you need to go (one-on-one or large group event) and the exact detailed steps to take and when to take them.

Implementing and applying the most important the 3 magic words that will empower you to stop self sabotage.

The no-bs, super simple guide to the most powerful 3 step processes to rank up and not have to keep rebuilding a new team every single month.

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I spy...

Let go of not knowing what to say to someone! The “Art of Proclivities” is really about identifying someone’s Proclivity from across the room so you know exactly what to say and how to say it before you ever walk over.

Expert ways to immediately create connection and build trust. People buy from people they know, like and trust.

Have complete confidence when presenting to multiple people by applying the most important platforms, tools and strategies needed to connect with everyone in the room.

Deep dive into the language and organization of how to engage while still fully embracing your quirks and proclivity AND not stepping on theirs and alienating people.

Learn from the best! Best practices for connection, with real life examples of people using what they have learned to run circles around their competition.

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The Art of Storytelling

How to quickly and confidently tell your story without rambling.

The #1 mistake new speakers make and how you will confidently know how to never do it again.

Shorten the sale cycle! How to introduce your product so softly your prospect is buying before they ever realize you’re selling.

5 key ingredients you must bring to the table to make sure your story connects and no one feels ‘sold to’.

10 parts of telling a great story that you will confidently include and the order to introduce them so you don’t lose your audience.

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AMP It Up!

This module ALONE is worth 100X the price of admission.

How to take what you know about attraction marketing and turn up the heat in a big way.

Stop jumping around! The question only you can answer that will tell you if you’re with the right network marketing company.

AMP’D (Proprietorial) 3 phase marketing formula –you don’t want to skip this module!

Step-by-step changes you can make immediately to stop working twice as hard for half the results.

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Proclivity Based Leadership

If your team is not willing and eager to follow you anywhere you need this. module most! Proclivity Leadership will show you how to master inspiring loyalty.

Which Proclivity types are not natural born leaders and what to do to hone and help them develop stronger skills.

Specific Proclivity support elements guaranteed to motivate and inspire your team to action.

3 elements of cocoon training. This lesson will increase your effectiveness and change the way you train forever.

How to confidently customize your training so anyone you are talking to connects with you. Connection is where your money is!


I've included downloadable learning tools so you can stay mobile. 

You have everything you need to succeed:

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Slide Decks of All 20+ Lessons

 WIIFM eBook -You'll never see people the same way again.

Proclivity Leaders Connection Planning Document.

7 Ways to Boost Event Engagement Checklist

10 Point Checklist for Training and Events.

Proclivities Quick Reference Guide

In Addition to All of Those Amazing Resources 

You'll Also Get Access To:

The Private Proclivities for Network Marketers Facebook Group

(a $997/year value)

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This Ambitious Group Of Entrepreneurs Are 'All In' When It Comes To Leverage.

Ask them!   

They Use Proclivities To Get To Do WHAT They Want-WHEN They Want-With WHO They Want

And So Can You!

  • Use the Power of The Group

  • Get help quickly on any little (or big) hang up in a matter of minutes so that you never get stuck longer than you have to.
  • Get a second glance at new promotions by a trusted group of people who totally understand what you’re doing.
  • Crowdsource the big decisions (from AMPing Up to Leadership). 
  • Have Fun! Make friends, personally develop together and always LYF (Love You First).

And To Make Sure That You Are Supported Every Single Step Of The Way...

We get together once a week and chat on a Private Facebook Live

Show up with your questions and I'm there to help you.

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  • Bring your questions, your curiosity and a cup of coffee and sit down with me every week. 

  • I will be on Facebook Live answering your questions real time, giving you advice on AMP'D up marketing, leadership, crafting your story...

  • I set this hour aside for you, it's your time, we talk about what you want to talk about.   


The Art and Science of Proclivities Product Positioning 

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(a $497/value)

  • Bet you’d like to have more people working the business with you, right?

  • Here’s where we reward all your hard work and patience with the Proclivities EXACT Product Positioning Matrix strategy that I’ve used in my own business to generate multiple figures. 

    Best part is - it’s simple and duplicatable even if you haven’t been playing in Proclivities for almost a decade. :)

    To be clear, this isn’t just a “high level” overview, but a detailed step-by-step easy to follow model  that outlines every step for you in crystal clear detail. 

  • You’ll be equipped with:

    The EXACT strategy and matrix that I’ve used to generate over 22 million dollars in revenue (across 2 companies).

    Understanding why this strategy is STILL my favorite most profitable conversion strategy, and how you can quickly master this powerful sales platform.

Here's what people are saying about Proclivities... :)

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  • Still On The Fence?  

    Proclivities for Network Marketers 

  • is perfect for you if...

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So if any of the this resonates, then I can't wait to see you in the members area!  Can you imagine what exciting and interesting ideas, projects and financial rewards are waiting for you?  This is your chance to take your life back and make this next year your best one yet.  


  • Proclivities for Network Marketers 





The Art Of Knowing WHAT To Say, HOW To Say It And WHEN To Say It

The Secret Formula Behind Stories That Convert

How To Leverage Proclivities To Bring Wealth And Success In All Areas Of Your Life






The Art Of Knowing WHAT To Say, HOW To Say It And WHEN To Say It

The Secret Formula Behind Stories That Convert

How To Leverage Proclivities To Bring Wealth And Success In All Areas Of Your Life



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