It’s Time to Revolutionize Retention!

The U.S. 9% average voluntary turnover rate amounts to $63,612,000,000 in lost profits PER YEAR!

People aren’t on the balance sheet and that’s the one area that impacts companies the most!… It’s time to Revolutionize Retention and put people on the balance sheet so companies can have talented employees, engaged teams, and higher profit margins.

What Retention Really Is:

Seanlai Keynote-Hiring

Hiring effectively—getting the right people in the right seats on the right bus

Seanlai Keynote-Working Hard

Working hard to keep your talent so your talent keeps working hard

Seanlai Keynote- Happy at Home

Happy employees are productive employees

Retention is looking pretty good after all, right? If increased profits, stronger teams and a happier team gets your juices flowing… you’re ready to revolutionize retention! It’s time to grow the People, streamline the Process and enjoy the Profits by bringing in The Retention Experts.

Revolutionary Ideas, Evolutionary Change

Keynotes & Workshops With the Retention Experts

What makes Seanlai “The Retention Expert?” She doesn’t just talk the talk about retention… she walks the walk. Award winning CEO of a national construction firm, she decoded the science of connection and developed a powerful, proven retention system that produces real-world results.

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On average, many construction companies have a 65-75% voluntary turnover rate.


The voluntary turnover rate at Seanlai company? Less than 1%.


Seanlai gives you energetic, authentic, “we can’t wait to try these out!” tools that will completely transform how you think about retention. Her sessions are fresh, frank, interactive… and a lot of fun. (Ever see a keynote speaker rocking a pair of blinged-out platform heels? Get ready—with Seanlai, you will!)

Revolutionary ideas bring evolutionary change. Start your Retention Revolution today!


Most Requested Topics


Retention: Create Raving Fan Customers!

The global economy is changing. What used to work doesn’t work today and for sure won’t work tomorrow. Whether you’re an individual, a CEO, an HR professional or a sales rep you need new tools to stay ahead of the game.

Customer Service and client loyalty seem like a thing of the past, but it doesn’t have to be!  In this high energy workshop, Seanlai shares insights into the customer’s Proclivity, how you can immediately spot it, and how you can create raving fans, diffuse conflict and keep your customer’s coming back.   Seanlai lifts the veil and gives you the insight of how to anticipate reactions, understand patterns and get your employees to work with your customers so everyone wins.

Retention Mastery: Master Retention and Your Company Will Prosper

This intense interactive program can be conducted in a multiple day session, and is specifically designed to give leaders the tools to retain talent, grow teams and increase profits.

Want your employees begging you to stay instead of surfing job sites on their lunch break? Seanlai lifts the veil and gives you the insight of how to anticipate reactions, understand patterns and get the engagement and productivity you want from the people around you.

Customized for your team and your industry, this program will illustrate how to maximize hiring, onboarding, and employs the Proclivities System that will boost productivity, increase initiative, and solidify engagement.

Show Me the Money!

How can you add value to your customers if you’re always having to go out and get new customers? Wouldn’t it be easier to keep the ones you have and convert the new ones faster?

Retention isn’t just for employees… the cost of building a new customer relationship while fending off the competition is exhausting, labor intensive, and financially ridiculous.In this sales-focused program, Seanlai will teach you to not only speak your customer’s language, so your sales cycle is shorter, your upsells are easier and commission checks are bigger. But she will arm you with tools that will make your closing ratio skyrocket! You don’t have to reinvent the wheel, this isn’t selling 101 and it’s the secret that will have your competition lurking behind the bushes to see what you’re up to!This customized program will have the top producers topping their personal best and the newer sales reps will start showing up on the deal board!

Patient Compliance: How to Get Your Patients to Follow Doctor’s Orders

Retention is about people keeping people, and we want those people to be healthy. As a medical professional who wants to serve their patients, physicians spend their days consulting and cajoling people to be responsible for their own health. Why do some patients comply and some don’t?

In this customized program for medical professionals, Seanlai  shares secrets that will help you increase your patients health by helping them increase their compliance. This painless program is just what the doctor ordered!

Clients Rave

Rafael Pomales, MHS PA-C, M Medical Clinic

“It’s been a few weeks since Seanlai’s workshop and I started using the tools the following morning. It sounds crazy, but my patients are complying way more than they ever did before! I know it’s because of the techniques I learned that day! I taught my MA some of the techniques so she can use them when she’s with our patients too.”

Rafael Pomales MHS PA-C, M Medical Clinic
Shelly Henry- CRO, Neurolumen

“Seanlai rocked us to the core! We left the event energized, and evaluating our beliefs and behaviors of today with strategies for tomorrow.”

Shelly Henry, CRO, Neurolumen


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