Often we are asked about recommendations for tools for marketing, business, apps and other great tools for creating content, boosting your business, or just making your life a little easier.  I have put together some  favorites. Let me know how these work for you!  tweet Seanlai @seanlaic or  www.facebook.com/seanlaic

Everyone is always asking me how I can be energized all the time!  Well the truth is, I wasn’t for a LONG time! I drank a TON of coffee & tea to get through my days, then I had trouble sleeping at night, so I would have to drink more coffee and tea the next day and the cycle was born.  I know people who do the same with soda and energy drinks like Monster and Redbull that I was doing with coffee!

So, it’s the first day of a 4 day intensive meeting in Las Vegas.  I take my seat with my (now 3rd) cup of coffee.  The facilitator is a legend in my industry and I watch him periodically open these little sachets that say FuXion and pour them in his water bottle.   This guy is a machine! Great shape, tons of energy, wicked smart and he didn’t seem to be having the “crash” that I was having as the day went on.   Curious now, I asked to try some. I expected them to taste like crap, anything that made someone that energized had to be disgusting tasting.  Boy was I wrong (And I’m Fussy!!!) The meeting went on into the early evening, then there was the obligatory dinner, so it was much later that night, when I called home and told my husband, “I think they must have crack in them (J/K) because I want more and I FEEL so good!!”

After 4 days in meetings, I  hardly drank coffee at all and still had tons of energy and INCREDIBLE (NO BS) laser-like focus.  Then I learned that FuXion is not only cheaper than sodas, energy drinks, and even my precious coffee,  they are good for me too!  I’m a health nut, so when I learned they were all-natural, NO preservatives, NO GMOs, sweetened with stevia, and all I have to do is add it to my water, I was IN!  Water and I have always had a love/hate relationship.  I love it for what it does for my body, I hate drinking plain water. Since I found FuXion, I drink a ton more water and a TON less coffee! It’s made a HUGE difference in my weight, my energy, my skin and my overall health. For the first time in 2 years, I have the energy to go to the gym in the morning, do my cardio and go again after work and lift weights, AND I even have enough energy to go to evening events which for the past few years I’ve said no to nearly every one!  Maybe you’re like me, it happens so slowly you don’t realize your life has become so exhausting.  I truly had no idea my life had taken on such a lethargic vein.  

I’m sharing this with you because I want you to have as much energy, focus and vibrancy as I do!  I believe in these products.  In my line of work, people ask me to endorse things all the time ( I have a big mouth! LOL) and I’ve said “NO!” to 99%,  I can only put my name on things I believe in, and this is something I not only use for myself, but my whole family uses too!      Message me if you have questions!https://soyfuxion.net/seanlai         Check Out FuXion today and take your life back!

My ALL TIME favorite “I-want-to-read-but-don’t-have-time” App. This app takes all the salient content from the best business books around and gives you the “cliff-notes”! They even have an audible feature too so you can listen at the gym or on your morning commute!!

Download it on your smart phone Today, and BE SO MUCH SMARTER in an hour!